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Welcome! I’m Mary.

Most days you can find me at home editing pictures, watching the office, or reading a book. I am in love with Jesus Christ and most everything I do stems from my relationship with Him. I am passionate about God’s children and work part-time as the Assistant Director for a Christian youth camp in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Photography is a passion of mine, and what started as a hobby, branched into my career. I geek out for good lighting and get a little giddy whenever I get to shoot.

My photography style is authentic, minimal, and bright. I love making people feel beautiful and showing how wonderfully we are made in His image. I make it simple for you, keep it light, and focus on the precious candid moments that naturally occur between two people in love. Years from now I want you to look at your wedding photographs and have all of those memories to come flooding back. The bliss, sentiment, light, and laughter from the day you wed.

Much Love,



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